VSV: Viability Service Vehicle

Visibility - Productivity - Profitability

The VSV if the first vehicle to be fully designed, developed and built for maintenance professionals.

Low fuel consuming, ergonomic, naturally stable and comfortable, ideal for biomass collection and packed full of innovations, the VSV provides the perfect illustration of NOREMAT's mission: to do everything we can to provide users with:

New Equipment Profitability
(or NOuvelle REntabilité du MATériel)

made in france

The VSV cab, specially designed for roadside maintenance specialists.

Roadside maintenance is a tough business, one which demands a fine touch at all times.
This deserves a specially-designed cab to enable operators carry out their tasks under the best safety, efficiency and profitability conditions.

When it comes to safety, comfort is not a luxury, but the guarantee of precise work throughout the day.

An architecture designed for the business

Front cab offering perfect visibility.


Engine block used as a natural counterweight for greater stability...


Compact arm which frees up the front and rear of the vehicle for multiple applications.

The cab, arm and engine are positioned to provide the ideal response the vehicle's visibility, stability and multi-functionality requirements.

With its arm positioned behind the cab, the VSV can carry out cutting work, drive a turbine and pull a trailer at the same time.

Ideal for targeted cutting and biomass collection activities, the VSV is the right vehicle for roadside maintenance tasks.

Fuel saving

It only consumes exactly what it needs.

4-cylinder, common rail turbo injection engine, proportional reversible fan, automatic engine rate configuration according to the tools selected, ECO working mode, hydraulic circuit architecture that reduces load loss, and much more...

Discretion is one of the VSV's key character traits.


Depending on the tool selected, the VSV adapts the engine's configuration to provide the right power at the right speed.

Incomparable maintenance facility

Hinged covers for immediate access to engine and cooler compartments.

Spacious and accessible tool unit, specific compartment for grease cartridges, quick access to greasers, filters, oil holding tanks, water tank and so on.
Everything has been organised for easy maintenance to extend the VSV's lifetime and increase its profitability.

Close attention paid to safety

Close attention paid to safety
In complete safety

At crossroads with low visibility, passing through town and in the countryside, the driver can see whether they can move off while remaining safely behind the stop line.

vsv sécurité
Sound comfort: a reality

vsv sécurité

By design, the sound level in the VSV cab is exceptionally low.
The engine is far from the cab and its vibrations are dispersed simply by a series of silencers.
Results: less fatigue, a constant level of attention for the driver and more safety.

See and be seen

The upper lights are used when the lower lights are hidden by a front tool.

With LED lights and 4 powerful working headlights that can be turned to suit your needs, the VSV can be operated perfectly safely at night with excellent visual comfort for the operator.

vsv sécurité

Technical features


CS2 121 CS3 222 CS4 222 CS4 233 CS4 233-C
Manufacturer PERKINS
Power 85,9 kW -
116 hp
92,9 kW -
125 hp
110,1 kW - 149 hp


CS2 121 CS3 222 CS4 222 CS4 233 CS4 233-C
Transmission Continuous variation hydrostatic
Number of gears 2
Speed in road mode / automotive driving 0 - 20 / 0 - 40 km/h
Speed in working mode 0 - 10 / 0 - 20 km/h
Working speed storage as standard

Hydraulic Front / Rear / Arm Tool Circuit

CS2 121 CS3 222 CS4 222 CS4 233 CS4 233-C
Number of tool circuits installed 2 (Front / Arm) 2 (Front / Arm) 2 (Front / Arm) 3 (Front / Rear / Arm) 3 (Front / Rear / Arm)
Number of tools that can be used at the same time 1 2 2 3 3

Hydraulic cooling

CS2 121 CS3 222 CS4 222 CS4 233 CS4 233-C
Fan type Reversible proportional
Auto fan reversal for declogging as standard
Manual fan reversal control as standard


CS2 121 CS3 222 CS4 222 CS4 233 CS4 233-C
Right hand side window and sunroof Polycarbonate thickness 8 mm
Seat Pneumatic, with head rest and safety belt
Seat orientation +/- 15°
Steering column Telescopic, adjustable according to 2 articulations
Onboard information and management system Colour display - as standard
Self-regulating air conditioning as standard
CD-MP3 radio as standard

Multi-function arm

M64T M73T
Side reach 6,40 m 7,30 m
Kinematic Telescopic cranked arm
Reversing shock absorber as standard
Dual pressure system as standard
Automatic return as standard

Front Tool Adaptation

CS2 121 CS3 222 CS4 222 CS4 233 CS4 233-C
High power hydraulic multi-coupler Option
Front valve bloc as standard (1SE - 2 DE)
Cat II lifting - Lifting capacity 3.5 t Option
Front power take off 1000 rpm Option
SETRA / F1 coupling plate Option

Loading platform

CS2 121 CS3 222 CS4 222 CS4 233 CS4 233-C
Dimensions width 2350 x Length 1780 mm
Tipping skip Option

Rear Tool Adaptation

CS2 121 CS3 222 CS4 222 CS4 233 CS4 233-C
Module 1 Rear Distributor (1SE + 1DE) Option Option Option - as standard
Module 1+2 Rear Distributor (1SE + 4DE) Option Option Option as standard Option
Cat II lifting - Lifting capacity 2.8 t - - - as standard -
Rear power take off 1000 rpm - - - as standard -
High power hydraulic multi-coupler - - - - as standard
Trailer coupling bolt as standard as standard as standard as standard as standard
Trailer braking system as standard as standard as standard as standard as standard
Coupling ladder (cover and bolt) Option Option Option as standard -


CS2 121 CS3 222 CS4 222 CS4 233 CS4 233-C
Unladen weight 5 700 kg
GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating) 12 500 kg
GCW (Gross combination weight) 32 500 kg
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