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We fully acknowledge our environmental responsibilities and we strive to take part in these sound ventures in support of durable development. Our responsibilities also apply to the design of new machinery and to the organisational undertaking.

fauchage raisonné
Providing sound, reasoned mowing solutions

NOREMAT works with its clients in their progress in favour of mowing, respectful of the environment.

partage du travail
Work-sharing with disabled/handicapped persons

Almost all new rotors used on NOREMAT machines are balanced in a working Help-Centre.

valorisation de la biomasse
Recycling of the bio-mass

NOREMAT has broadened its range of machines offered to include those designed for the treatment and recycling of the bio-mass: the Valormax range.

groupe Tactil
Environment friendly mowing head

The new "Tactil" mowing head uses less power and plays its part in the preservation of the bio-diversity. More >>

huile bio
Use of bio-degradeable oil

The option for our clients to choose bio-degradeable oils from first filling is to be encouraged for all of their machines.


25% at the head-office vehicle-share daily. A card reader is fitted to an internal server which allows each person access.

Reduction of transports

Noremat selects local suppliers as much as possible to reduce transports. Close relation contributes as well to quality.

réduction des déchets
Reduction of waste

For packages dispatched to our customers we use exclusively 100% recyclable packaging and have in place a procedure to re-use packing materials.

Management of waste

Paper, wood, printer cartridges, used oil... we have access to specialists for the safe disposal of all of our materials at all of our centres.

prix du stand eco-conçu
Eco-conceived stands

NOREMAT received the top prize for its Eco-conceived stand at the Paris Pollutec Exhibition in 2009.

éco-conception des bâtiments
Eco-designed buildings

Construction in 2008 of 2 regional depots to eco-design regulations.


NOREMAT has created a special workshop for the recycling and re-use of mechanial and hydraulic machine spares.