Flail mowers


"The new generation of flail mowers"

Designed for mowing and scrub-cutting in all terrains, the Bravia 2000 flail mower has a special linkage suited to tractors up to 70 HP.
The machine is compact and easy to transport and copes easily with the crossing of drainage channels. The patented system-SENSIV thanks to its 6 polyurethane bushes (2 per mounting point) ensures a flexible connection between the linkage and the mower frame. This innovation gives the Bravia an unrivalled flexibility and considerably reduces the vibrations transferred to the tractor.

In addition to the system-SENSIV, the Bravia 2000 offers further features:
- close coupled linkage to reduce the front overhang
- lower linkage points which allow the machine to be lifted higher for the crossing of ditches and drainage channels
- front guard can be opened for scrub-cutting work
- reversible direction of rotor for the type of work (mowing or scrub-cutting)...