Reach mowers


"Dexterity in action!"

Designed for an annual use of between 300 and 500 hours the Dextra range of flail-mowers perfectly fulfils the requirements of local authorities, communities and vegetation maintenance contractors.

Numerous NOREMAT innovations assure a very long working life and unequalled operator comfort, notably:
- the curved first-arm: which allows exceptional clearance under the arm, very welcome when cutting the far-side of ditches or over fences
- the reversing shock-absorber: integral with the machine pivot, it prevents shock loading of the arm during a reversing manoeuvre
- the dual-pressure break-back : the amount of break-back force required is dependant on the reach position of the arm
- three-point linkage shock-absorber: situated between the chassis and upper link, it reduces shock loadings on the tractor when travelling between worksites

The Dextra is available with a forward cranked arm (reach 4.90 to 5.40m) or with a telescopic cranked arm (Visiobra Concept) which allows simultaneous following of the road, the verge and the cutting head.