Noremat's After-Sales Service is...

Ongoing training of Noremat technicians

Our machines are installed at your location, following strict procedures, by a factory trained technician.
Foundation training of operators and mechanics is incorporated and includes elements of theory, but also practical on the ground.
Effective for a side arm mower, these procedures represent 8 to 12 hours personalized training.

The 50-hour visit by a Noremat technician

For all side-arm mowers a free visit by a Noremat technician is standard (excludes items used, or spares). This visit will take place when your new machine has worked at least 50 hours.

Besides changing the filter and checking the oil levels, the visit includes a number of important points on control of the machine and caters for settings and functional adjustments to be made to your requirements.

34 Service Vehicles...

...for site visits, are all fitted with a complete range of tools.

Noremat's ecological advantage: our vehicles are equipped for the recovery of used filters and hoses remaining from service visits.